My Personal Manifesto

You do it because you love it, because you think the world can’t function without it.
Without design there would be chaos.
Life would be aimless—without message or meaning.
Design is a connection to the mind, body, and everyday experience.

It creates a voice for the ones who have none.
Not everyone is a designer.
Not everyone knows how to get what they want.
They just know they want it and they can’t make it.
So we do it.

It is realizing the need before it is needed.
Always thinking ahead to improve the future before the present fails.

Knowing not to settle for bad design in convenience.
Just because people are using it, doesn’t mean it is good.
Don’t be afraid to speak up and make a change.

Subtlety speaks the loudest.
When a design is so logical and easily understood it seems like the only option.

You know nothing until you have failed.
Nothing is gained until everything is lost.
Critiques are useless if all that is said
You can’t move forward if everything is “fine.”
There is no growth in
If all you do is “good”, you will never move forward.
Saying “everything looks good” is like saying “stop.”
Contentment immobilizes growth.