Art movements that have come and gone still have a standing in today’s art and design culture, as we take these influences and use them to create new ideas. This zine gives examples of some historical movements, and the progression into a personal manifesto that leads into an unknown future of art and design.




The world of design is ever growing and always changing. When you look back on these movements it is easy to discern their origin and see the patterns in which things happened, until you are living the experience of that time. Contemporary. At the time.  




  1. living or occurring at the same time.

  2. belonging to or occurring in the present.


Today it is a collective building of one mind in design, divided into all that has happened in the past and that is to come in the future. One whole unit or entity that combines all talents and skills, not to sell, but to create and change the path in which fate is set. If you look at the path of design as a road you will see branches and forks splitting into all directions, some leading further than others and ending, and some coming back into view and merging with newer roads to create a different path.


Today is an ocean of all things that have been, and the optimist will fill it with more knowledge and growth to never overflow because it is endless and timeless. Design takes these lessons of the past and recycles them into something new, not too new, but something that is not yet. They say everything has been done, but that is because we cannot see our footsteps until we have taken a step out of them and moved into the future, only then are we able to look back and see where we have been. Only now are we able to put a name to the faces of Dadaism and Futurism.


Before, it was necessary to develop a movement to overcome something because there was a need. Today, there is not that same need, but another need. There are everyday needs, big and small, that dictate what role design will play in our current existence. Down the path we may approach a greater need and something undiscovered will be sculpted and that will be our contemporary.